BARNLEK 2023 (moved from 2020) will be arranged in Lerum, close to Gothenburg, in Sweden. The festival starts on Wed. July 12, and closes on Sat. July 15. Accommodation will be available from Mon. July 10.

NORDLEK 2021 postponed

Due to the current pandemic situation, it has been decided to postpone the previously planned NORDLEK 2021. Thus, there will be no NORDLEK festival in 2021. However, hopefully there will still be a NORDLEK in Tammerfors in a few years time.

BARNLEK 2020 in Mölnlycke, Sweden

In 2020 the next BARNLEK will be held, in Mölnlycke (outside Gothenburg) in Sweden. The festival will be held on July 15-19. BARNLEK is a folk dance and folk music festival directed to children and youths in the ages 8-16. BARNLEK is arranged in the summer every third year, and the location is rotated among the Nordic countries. For more information, see